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Treating uneven skin and rough texture with our kojic acid-infused ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment at ZO Skin Centre® can leave your skin feeling extraordinarily silky. This facial treatment is performed by our talented medical aestheticians, who will give your skin a refreshing exfoliation and application of skin-brightening extracts. The ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment can also firm up the skin and help ease wrinkles. Visit our office in Pasadena, CA to set up your ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment at your earliest convenience.

Best Candidates

If you have a flawless complexion, that is wonderful news! This facial treatment is for men and women with great skin (and want to keep it that way) and for people who need to give their skin some rejuvenation attention. The ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment can help with the following:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone (discoloration, pigmentation issues, and sun damage)
  • Surface irregularities (rough texture, flaky skin, and more) 

What to Expect

When you have a medical-grade facial treatment such as the ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment, you will spend 45 minutes with our skin health professionals relaxing and protecting your skin from aging, sun damage, and other visible skin conditions.

We will moisten and cleanse your face gently to prepare the skin for the ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment. Using a blend of highly concentrated alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), we can treat your sun-damaged skin or wrinkles with great efficiency. This treatment powerfully penetrates with exfoliation to reveal a nourished, even-toned layer of skin that will feel better, firmer, and restored. Also, this facial treatment can be performed as a series. You will have little to no downtime after this facial treatment. The ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment is a great way to take care of your skin and is a gratifying time of being pampered. Before you leave our office, we will include a finishing step of adding ZO® signature creams, polishes, and specific sunscreen to your skin.

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Average Cost  
$175 - $250
Average Procedure Time  
45 - 60 Minutes
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Fight Uneven Skin tone

Let us supply you with all the information you need to make the appropriate decisions on your skin care. Our team of remarkable medical aestheticians will make sure all your questions are answered and concerns for your skin are addressed in the skin analysis to see if the ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment is suited for your skin type and condition. Contact us for your consultation at our ZO Skin Centre® today!

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