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Dermal fillers of the Restylane® family produce stunning results augmenting the lips and filling out moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds (lines presenting from the nose to the corners of your mouth called nasolabial folds). At ZO Skin Centre® Pasadena, you can learn about all the exciting ways our Restlyane® products can enhance your beauty in a consultation for our cosmetic injectables. Made with varying consistencies and strengths of hyaluronic acid (HA), we can inject Restylane®, Restylane® Silk, Restylane® Lyft, Restylane® Refyne, and Restylane® Defyne. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of Restylane® injections for men and women over the age of 21 to plump the lips, reshape the contour of the face, and smooth out lines and wrinkles. Talk with one of our friendly ZO Skin Centre® staff members on how to schedule an appointment or sign up online now for your rejuvenation consultation.

Restylane® Family Products

Restylane® Silk

Longing for luscious lips? We can inject your lips with Restylane® Silk to plump your pout for impressive, sensual lips. As an added benefit, Restylane® can also fill out tissue loss around the mouth thus easing the appearance of wrinkles. It is also a thinner product than the original Restylane® product, which makes it a standout lip augmentation injectable. Your Restylane® Silk results may last up to a year and will require maintenance injections.

Restylane® Lyft

Restylane® Lyft works wonders increasing the size and shape of the lips, and easing wrinkles, expression lines, Crow's feet, acne scars, gaunt cheeks, and collagen loss due to aging. We have also treated patients with deep tear troughs, dark circles under their eyes, sagging brows, and more with Restylane® Lyft.

Restylane® Defyne

One of the newest Restylane® products is Restylane® Defyne, which produces subtle changes in the expression lines on your face to prevent looking "like you've had work done." Given at mid-to-deep levels of injection, Restylane® Defyne augments your facial skin within the deep nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

Restylane® Refyne

Also approved recently in the United States, Restylane® Refyne is now available and can provide you with a significant improvement and fullness to moderate-to severe facial wrinkles and folds.

Best Candidates

Men and women (over the age of 21) with aging skin, wrinkles in the mid-face, skin atrophy, or simply wanting to experiment with plumping the lips for the first time, will receive a one-on-one consultation at our practice. This particular injectable is also infused with lidocaine to help dull the sensations of the needle, which makes this an ideal filler for patients who are needle shy. Candidates who have a history of severe allergic reactions should make our team aware of your specific allergies.

What to expect

In our practice, we will escort you to one of our treatment rooms to prepare you for your Restylane® injections. Your skin will be cleansed to remove makeup or bacteria that could jeopardize the injection site for risks of infection. Then, we will mark the area where the injections will be placed. Our highly trained injector will then introduce the needle into your skin to administer the Restylane®. It may take several injections to get the desired result. You can expect to have a repeat injection session in about a year to continue looking replenished with fuller skin or lips.

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Revive With Restylane®

If you want to have the "wow factor" to your skin and/or lips, we can offer you a consultation for Restylane® at the ZO Skin Centre®. Restylane® injections have the objective of providing you with replenished skin where tissue was lost from age, weight loss, or scarring. Plus, Restylane® can also amplify the look of your lips. We look forward to meeting you for a consultation at ZO Skin Centre® Pasadena or for a follow-up appointment.

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