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Thinking about seeing a dermatologist for your skin issues and concerns? We offer dermatological consultations at the ZO Skin Centre®Pasadena, CA for patients with acute issues to chronic skin conditions or diseases. Once in one of our private consultation rooms, our medical professionals will ask you about your lifestyle and diet, medical health history, medications you are taking (prescription and over-the-counter drugs), daily or past skin care practices, and how you envision the best version of your skin. It is our goal to find solutions to your skin care issues or help manage conditions to give you a better quality of life. Our medical professionals and medical aestheticians can help explain to you the different ways we can approach your dermatological conditions. The first step to better skin is to call and make an appointment with one of our trusted, well-respected ZO Skin Centre® dermatologists for your care.

Dermatological Conditions


Teens and adults are both welcome to have an acne consultation at ZO Skin Centre®. We are trained in managing all types of acne. Our highly skilled medical team takes a different approach with teen acne and adult acne. Why? It's not really the same condition. When a teen has an acne flare-up, it is because of active oil glands that produce too much oil. The extra oil then gets trapped in the pores. Typically, teens have acne on their back, shoulders, chest, and especially anywhere on the face. Not only can it be unattractive, it is harmful to the health of the skin as it can cause scarring, discoloration, and textural changes. Hormonal activity is the main culprit in adult acne, which is mainly found on the lower face, chin, and jawline. Teens and adults may be encouraging the skin to produce acne through bad diet, medications, genetics, a stressful lifestyle, cosmetics, or harm from a harsh or toxic environment. During your acne consultation, we will assess the skin for problem areas, identify the type of acne, and plan for a vigorous treatment plan to get the acne under control.


You can call them beauty marks or moles, but what we call it at ZO Skin Centre® is a dermatological condition we can treat. The appearance of a new mole, a patch of moles, or a mole you have had since birth all may be a cause for a dermatological consultation. These pigmented lesions can also be a sign of melanoma or skin cancer. It is best to have moles checked out by a medical professional. You may also want to find out more about why you are sprouting new skin moles, or have found the courage to finally get a mole removed. In any situation involving your mole(s), we will examine your skin and document the size of each mole (through a process called mole mapping). Then, we can make recommendations on how to manage the care or removal of the mole. You may also have concerns with a mole that has changed color or size, and we can consult with you on the next best steps to take as well. 

Skin Tags

We also offer dermatological consultations to assess the need for skin tag(s) removal. Skin tags are tiny pieces of skin that appear on the surface of your skin, but they are harmless. They are the same color as your normal skin or can be a shade darker. Cosmetically, a skin tag on the face, eyelid, neck, or other areas may be bothersome or unattractive. Skin tags can also be commonly found under the arms, under folds of skin (from the friction), and on the inner thighs.


When struggling with an ever-present bout of hormonal or genetic rosacea, you may experience a red tint (blushing) to your facial skin, notice red capillaries on the cheeks and nose, have acne, or see dry skin. While we do not have a cure for rosacea conditions, we can do our best to manage and control the damage of the skin. It is very important to have a thorough evaluation and analysis if you suffer from rosacea no matter if it is in a mild or severe stage.

At ZO Skin Centre®, we can educate you on how to care for your skin with calming treatments you can use at home. A healthy skin care routine may be the only recommendation we have for mild cases of rosacea and to help soothe inflamed skin. For more severe cases, we will also suggest a daily skin care routine and a customized combination of therapies, such as a ZO® Controlled Depth Peel™ or ZO® Retinol-based product. Our skin care specialists provide the caring, calming treatments your weak skin requires so that you can enjoy having beautiful skin regardless of rosacea.


Psoriasis is a difficult dermatological condition to treat, but at ZO Skin Centre®, we believe in the beauty of your skin. While there are many types of psoriasis (where the skin cells overproduce and accumulate on the skin), we do consult with patients in search of relief of this uncomfortable, painful skin condition. Psoriasis looks like dry, silvery-white scales that lay on top of inflamed, red, cracked skin. Patients with psoriasis who have this condition can experience it anywhere on their body. The aftermath of each triggered psoriasis breakout and shedding, even if the cause is unknown, will cause scarring and damage to the look and feel of your skin. While we cannot cure psoriasis, we can help you manage your condition with our exclusive ZO® Skin Health products.


In a birthmark consultation, we will discuss whether or not there is a therapeutic skin solution available for you. For some candidates, we may have a series of skin brightening facial treatments or skin peels that may be able to decrease the visibility of your birthmark. We also have access to laser technologies that can remove hyperpigmentation spots, like port wine stains or large birthmarks. 

Best Candidates

No matter what type or condition your skin is in, you will qualify as a candidate for our dermatological consultation. As you meet with one of our medical staff, you can express your concerns for each skin condition you are experiencing. We will analyze your skin, discuss in detail your medical history, and understand how you are currently managing the problem. Then, together we will come up with a treatment plan for your skin care.

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If you have dermatology concerns about your skin and are not sure how to treat it, we can assist you at the ZO Skin Centre®. Our amazing staff will sit down with you to discuss all the questions you have about acne, moles, skin tags, or any dilemma your skin is presenting that needs some TLC. You may also just want to be proactive in preventing premature aging of your skin. We can discuss treatments and products to keep your skin looking radiant and younger for longer with proper skin care. Request your dermatological consultation today.

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